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My stock is your stock.

As a professional service, Home Video is filming all of Greater Los Angeles' major cities to incorporate into productions as B-roll. (That's a lot of beautiful LA footage to hoard into one library.) Now, let's point out the obvious: camera phones are increasingly mind-blowing in their image quality, even—if not especially—to professional eyes. And with the reach that social platforms like Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, and Bombbomb allow anyone, many real estate professionals are taking it upon themselves to create easy, little videos in simple ways when professional work is not necessary. Making videos is not for everyone, but Home Video wants to be there for any clients who'd like to have a go at it, wanting you to be able to take it to the next-level with beautiful Los Angeles B-roll. That's why my stock is your stock.

Email for link to library.


Exclusively for clientele use with nonprofessional A-roll. Outside professional editing allowed.
Clientele, in the context of this program, is defined as those who have payed Home Video for service within the last 90 days.
Email for clientele questions or outsider licensing.

First up, Beverly Hills:

Beverly Hills Stock Preview
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